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Wuhan flu, Lockdown in india, Coronavirus pandemic, Covid19

World under lockdown: Did Covid-19 need such an aggressive response?

Is the virus so virulent and dangerous that it called for such an aggressive all-encompassing response?


 |  5-minute read
Biotechnology, Harvard university, Coronavirus pandemic, Wuhan flu

Why Wuhan is the virus hub of China and the world

The coronavirus is not the first time a deadly infection has travelled to Europe from China. In 1347, the Plague, also believed to have originated in China, killed millions in Europe.


 |  6-minute read
China coronavirus outbreak, Wuhan flu, Coronavirus, Covid19

COVID-19 is closer than you think. Are governments prepared to deal with it?

COVID-19 is transversing borders at breakneck speed and two more cases have been confirmed in India. How are governments around the world responding to the virus?