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Xiaomi, OnePlus, Nokia, Galaxy note 9

2018 in rewind: Best smartphones for every budget

Here are the best phones we saw this year across various price segments.


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PUBG, Tech talk, Playstation, Samsung

Tech Talk: From censoring Netflix to PUBG on Playstation. Breaking down the tech this week

A recap of all the chatter from the tech world that matters.


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Smartphone, Samsung, Redmi 6, Xiaomi

Why the depreciating rupee is bad news for India's smartphone industry

Xiaomi has said it could increase the prices of its smartphones if the value of the rupee keeps depreciating. Will others follow?


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Realme, Xiaomi, Poco f1, Asus zenfone 5z

Buying guide: Best phones for every budget

Here's taking a look at the best each segment has to offer.


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Smartphone, Xiaomi, Review, Nokia 6.1 plus

Nokia 6.1 Plus review: Premium looks at an affordable price

Priced at Rs 15,999, the device will see itself pitted against some blockbuster devices such as Xiaomi’s Note 5 Pro, Mi A2, and Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1.


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Nokia 7 Plus, Android One, Smartphone, Mi a2

Mi A2 quick review: Xiaomi's Android One offering impresses with more than just price

Here's our first impression of the Xiaomi Mi A2.


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Offers Deals, Rs 20000, Specifications, Camera

Best camera phones to buy under Rs 20,000

For those looking for a camera phone on a budget, here's our pick of the best.


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Xiaomi, Smartphones, Galaxy, Samsung

How Samsung is looking to win back the Indian smartphone market

By bringing an iconic flagship feature on phones for the masses, Samsung has created an experience that the likes of Xiaomi will find difficult to match.


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Make in India, Noida, Xiaomi, Samsung manufacturing plant

Why Samsung opening 'world's biggest smartphone factory' in Noida is big news

The new manufacturing plant, in the long run, could end up changing the landscape of the smartphone market in India.


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Razer Phone, Black Shark, Xiaomi, Samsung s9+

Best Android smartphones for gaming

Here's our pick of the best smartphones for playing heavy duty games.