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Shilpa shetty kundra, Malaika arora, Rajyavardhan Rathore, Yoga day

International Yoga Day: How India is reclaiming Yoga

Bollywood actors, athletes and politicians alike are making Yoga cool again.


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Yoga day, International Yoga Day, Forests

Why catch and hunt snakes for PM Modi's World Yoga Day fest?

One culture can't be greater than others, while nature remains a stepchild.


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BJP, MEA, United Nations, Narendra Modi

Kudos to Modi, International Yoga Day is a diplomatic and cultural triumph for India

Wherever I go in the world, I find this event gathering traction, generating enthusiasm, and inspiring support from the local community.


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Yoga day, Presidential Elections 2017, Hamid Ansari

3 controversies vice-president Hamid Ansari will be remembered for

His second term ends on August 10.


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2019 Lok Sabha polls, BJP, Yoga day, Modi government

Modi haters are only making it worse for India

Their attacks have ensured that he stays in the minds of all Indian citizens 24x7.


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Yoga day, Achhe Din, BJP, Two years of Modi

My two years of being India's greatest PM, by Narendra Modi

I have been the most hardworking prime minister EVER! OMG! I am not saying this myself.


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Yoga day, Culture, Education

Why Yoga Day should not end the awakening of yoga in India

We need more both at a practical level of daily living and as means to a new cultural renaissance.


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Modi government, AYUSH, Yoga day

How Modi can make yoga more than just a gimmick

We need a national policy on fitness, integrating everything from walking to cycling.