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Islam, Dangal, Bollywood, Zaira Wasim

Zaira Wasim’s Bollywood exit: Botox for our collective brain

Why, secular or communal, we are all so entranced by a teenager’s filmi angst.


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Dangal, Mehbooba Mufti, Kashmir, Zaira Wasim

Saving Citizen Zaira: The young actor has made a dangerous choice, which shows how alienated Kashmiri Muslims today feel

Talented Kashmiri youth like Zaira Wasim are feeling alienated in a hostile, polarised atmosphere. Certain forces are exploiting the situation. This is the time for liberal India to speak up.


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Secret Superstar, Zaira Wasim, Religion, Bollywood

Controversy's child: Zaira Wasim

The former Bollywood actor has seen many controversies come her way!


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Secret Superstar, Dangal, Religion, Zaira Wasim

Controversy's child: Zaira Wasim is looking for inner peace. Why should we come in her way?

Wasim has suffered from depression and suicidal thoughts. If she seeks peace through religion, why are we judging her? She doesn't have to live life according to our expectations.


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Dangal, Zaira retirement, Bollywood, Islam and islamophobia

A 'Dangal' of double standards: Zaira is right because her religion makes you uncomfortable

The young star’s decision to 'disassociate' from films has caused a furor that only shows how uncomfortable we are with the religion she cites. No wonder she feels it's time to go.


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Church, Nizamuddin dargah, Zaira Wasim

Zaira Wasim, as a young professional, why bring religion into your work? Is that what you want to teach your fans?

Bollywood actor Zaira Wasim says she will leave the acting world owing to her faith. But why bring faith into a professional choice?


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Crimes against Women, Dangal, Zaira Wasim

Actor Zaira Wasim trolled for speaking out against molestation is reason women are unsafe in India

People need to stop shaming women who hit back at sexual harassment.


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Bollywood, Women Empowerment, Zaira Wasim, Aamir Khan

Every child needs a champion and Aamir Khan is everyone's

Role of popular culture in encouraging change and emboldening the weak cannot be over-emphasised.


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Hijab, Dangal, Zaira Wasim

Will no one stand up with Zaira Wasim against hijab trolls now?

The Dangal child-star is in a war of words with BJP leader Vijay Goel.


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Hijab, Vijay Goel, Dangal, Zaira Wasim

How Zaira Wasim put sports minister Vijay Goel in place over hijabs

'I request you not to connect me to such a discourteous depiction.'