5 Android games of 2017 you can't get enough of

Top picks that the Google Play Store has to offer.

 |  3-minute read |   19-10-2017
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As 2017 nears its end and phones become ever more powerful, gaming on Android-based phones is also becoming more popular than ever. Advancements in hardware technology and beautiful displays have made the experience a delight.

With a large selection of games, Google's Play Store serves up a lot of options, which can mean you are spoilt for choice. So here's our list of the best games that 2017 has seen till now.

Hitman Go

An out of the box take on the popular console stealth shooter, Hitman Go is designed to work like a board game. Agent 47 here goes about, knocking enemies off the board, to reach and bump off his primary target.

The title is a far cry from the console version and only employs strategy, rather than a mix of strategy and action to make a great game. 

However, that's not to say it's not a nice game. Even though it is crafted for smartphone usage, the game, to its credit, does manage to recreate the magic of the console versions.

Guardians of the Galaxy: Episode 1

Another interesting addition to the list is the "Guardians of the Galaxy" from Telltale Games. The game features a unique story which deviates slightly from Marvel's cinematic universe. Telltale Games is releasing it in the form of episodes – much like the latest Hitman game. 

The game uses Telltale's story-driven narrative style and has received favourable reviews for its engaging plot and immersive graphics. However, the first episode is a bit short, and the game leaves you craving for more. 

Asphalt 8

Arguably the best racing game out there for smartphones, Asphalt 8 is the Need for Speed equivalent of the racing games on the Android platform. The game lets you zoom around tracks at crazy speeds.

Asphalt 8 from the go is all about high speeds and drifts, both of which make this a great game to have on your smartphone. 

Super Mario Run

For decades, Mario has remained shy of crossing over from the Nintendo ecosystem, and games featuring the Italian plumber hero have only been found on dedicated Nintendo gaming systems. However, with the growing popularity of Mario games, and subsequent calls for titles on other mobile devices, Nintendo earlier in April finally released a game tailored specifically for the mobile platforms. 

The much-awaited Super Mario Run from the franchise has been received well by users and critics alike. Game review websites such as IGN and pocket lint have given it above 80 per cent score, making it highly recommended. 

The game's objective is simple, and so are its mechanics, which see players control the Italian plumber with just one hand as he runs forward into hurdles and enemies in his path. Users can make Mario jump by tapping on the screen, allowing him to avoid obstacles and enemies, and collect coins along the way.

Injustice 2

The sequel to the highly acclaimed game, Injustice: Gods Amongst Us, brings more of the same in its latest offering. Injustice 2, a game crafted from the mould of the popular Mortal Combat games was released along with its beefier console and PC versions on May 17. 

The game is a must-have for all DC Comics faithful who’ve grown up with the various heroes and villains of the Comic book giant's lineup. Its superior graphics, in-game mechanics backed by a gripping backstory that piggybacks on the various DC characters found in the game, make it one of the best games launched for the Android platform this year.

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