7 phones my middle class upbringing will allow me to buy this Diwali

Make the best of the sale season!

 |  4-minute read |   18-10-2016
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I’m not really an e-commerce person. I mean I buy cool TV show merchandise and all (because you can’t find them anywhere else), but I never honestly invest either time, or money in online shopping. But thanks to a tonne of tech-junkie friends and a little bit of windfall income aka Diwali money from a loaded relative (that makes me feel as rich as the Ambanis) I have been motivated to go through Amazon and Flipkart.

Being completely oblivious to online sales and offers, I had happily missed the Big Billion Day sales on all websites. But the need to invest in a new phone this Diwali (my old one is deader than Sean Bean in most of his movies), and sheer laziness at the thought of going to five different tech stores, forced me research good offers.

Hours of sitting on Flipkart and Amazon, and going through their Diwali sales (October 17-19) gave me some insight, which is to say I realised that stuff is really, really cheap here. I mean I knew that already, I just never realised how much I’d be saving. Allow me to report my amateur findings:

1) iPhone 6S 64GB

iphone-6s_101716093701.jpg Photo: Indiatoday.in

Although the iPhone 7 is out for everyone to buy, one can say that the iPhone 6S is still pretty in, right? Well guess what, you can buy the iPhone 6S 64 GB variant for Rs 45,999 in the Amazon sale. You’ll be saving Rs 17,000!

2) iPhone 6 16GB

iphone-6_101716093833.jpg Photo: Indiatoday.in

For those who can’t afford to spend like a tonne of money on stuff because they have to pay god-awful amounts in rents and other regular stuff (like me), Flipkart still gives you a chance to up your social status with an iPhone 6 16 GB. It’s available only for Rs 31,990 on Flipkart, which means you get to save like Rs 5,000. You can also get up to Rs 17,000 in exchanges.

3) LeEco Le Max 2 (32GB)

leeco_101716093946.jpg Photo: Indiatoday.in

While it's not the most hip phone out there, the LeEco Le Max 2 has pretty decebt specs. And at Rs 17,999 on the Amazon sale, this LeEco flagship is literally dirt cheap. You get a great phone and you stull have Rs 5,000 left to waste on the more meaningless things in life. 

4) iPhone 5S 16GB

iphone-5s_101716095329.jpg Photo: Indiatoday.in

Honestly, by now, if you don't have an iPhone, your social life is bound to take a hit. So do yourself a favour and invest a little in the cheapest one available.The 5S still hasn't lost its value and you might be able to pass off as a person who is well-to-do if you own one. And on the Amazon sale, you can totally own one for Rs 19,300 (which saves you Rs 5,700). Go for it. Now!

5) Lenovo Vibe K4 Note

lenovo-k4-note_101716095533.jpg Photo: Indiatoday.in

The Lenovo Vibe K4 Note is a great budget smartphone and thanks to Amazon, it's now available cheaper than ever. At Rs 9,999, not only do you get a 5.5 inch full HD display, a great camera (13 MP) and a pretty decent battery (3300 mAH Li-ion), you also get to save Rs 2,000. Neat, right?

6) Moto G4 Plus

moto-g4-plus_101716095634.jpg Photo: Indiatoday.in

The Moto G4 Plus with its 5.5 inch full HD display, 3GB RAM, 32GB storage and a 16 MP camera is a good buy on any day. But on the Amazon sale, you can buy this Rs 15,000 phone for just Rs 13,499 on Amazon. Obviously, it's a great deal.

7) Moto X Play

moto-x-play_101716095755.jpg Photo: Indiatoday.in

Like with any Moto phone, the Moto X Play is a really safe bet when it come to affordable cheap phones and now available at Rs 14,999 on Flipkart. Not only does this saves you around Rs 2,500, you can try and get it for cheaper still (like all of us middleclass folks) with an exchange offer up to Rs 13,000.  

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