iPhone 8 to launch at Apple Keynote event 2017: What to expect

Will the 10th anniversary edition of the iPhone live up to expectations?

 |  4-minute read |   01-09-2017
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The day is here. Apple has finally sent out invites for its annual keynote event on September 12 at Steve Jobs Theater, where it is expected to launch the anniversary edition of the iPhone — which has long been awaited in an industry of ever-upgrading technology.

The keynote will also be of great significance for Apple as it will be the first-ever event held at the new "spaceship-like" Steve Jobs Theater at the tech giant's campus in Silicon Valley.

When Tim Cook – the Cupertino-based tech giant's CEO – takes centre stage next week, he could take the lid off the latest developments to the ARKit platform on iOS 11, new iPhone 7S models, an LTE-equipped Apple Watch, 4K-ready Apple TVs and new Airpods too.

However, the showstopper will definitely be the much-awaited 10th-anniversary edition of the iPhone. 


Analysts expect a major upgrade on the iPhone 7 which, truth to be told, was a stellar device. The expectation is that Apple will dazzle the world with the iPhone 8 by equipping it with high-end hardware and features to make it a well-rounded device.

Rumours claim the phone - upon its launch sometime in September - will be everything and more what an iPhone fan desires.

It is slated to come with impressive features like wireless charging, AR support, and face detection capabilities.

Here's what you can expect from the gadget.

It's got the looks

As per reports, the iPhone 8 is expected to sport a brand new bezel-free design, which could incorporate Apple's take on the Galaxy S8's infinity display. 

According to a Nikkei report, the device features an OLED screen, an upgrade from the LTPS panels in existing models. The advantage of switching to an OLED display is increased sharpness and brightness, and decreased power consumption.

The Nikkei report suggests that Apple may try its hands on curved display with the coming iPhone.


Revamped camera module

Another interesting murmur about the upcoming iPhone is that it could integrate 3D lasers to the rear camera. Reports suggest the iPhone 8 will use a vertical cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL) system. The VCSEL system would improve the phone's autofocus capabilities and depth perception for better-augmented reality experience.


The phone's camera module is also pegged to bring with it infrared face-recognition capabilities. 

A patent application filed by Apple had previously hinted at how the tech giant plans to upgrade to this feature — it was expected to replace the existing Touch ID fingerprint scanner.

However, if latest reports are to be believed, it will coexist with the Touch ID sensor embedded in the display of the phone.

As per the leaks, the code Pearl ID should let you unlock your iPhone in the dark, even if you’re looking at your phone from an odd angle, or if your face is partially blocked.

Gesture controls and touch bar

Another rumour that is sure to get a lot of fans excited is that the iPhone 8 could have a strip along the bottom of the display reserved for a "function area". This strip will provide similar functionality to the touchstrip present on the MacBook from 2016.


iOS developers have also found indications that Apple will bring in motion controls instead of having users rely on the home button.

Developer Guilherme Rambo found demonstration videos within Apple's new operating system iOS 11 that showed a user swiping up to reach the tasks screen.

Most expensive iPhone ever?

Not light on features, Apple's upcoming iPhone 8 certainly won't be light on your pocket. The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus currently cost between $649 and $969, but iPhone 8 is expected to start retailing at upwards of the $1000 (Rs 65,000 approximately) mark.

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