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Journalist, author: 2014: The Election That Changed India. When not chained to the news, watch sport, read, write, sleep and enjoy family holidays.


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Why I said no to joining politics (and why journalists should say no too)

A journalist must remain just that: an observer and chronicler with strong views but not a player or participant in the tricky game of politics.


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Dramatic rise of BJP: My 10 takeaways from battle for Northeast

There may be just five Lok Sabha seats at stake between Tripura, Meghalaya and Nagaland, but BJP's presence in all three states gives Modi-Shah the psychological ascendancy once again.


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Sridevi defied odds in the film industry

The actor was the rare star who could embrace both the stall and dress circle audiences with equal enthusiasm.


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Why Narendra Modi is the butt of Nirav Modi jokes

In the end, it's the ironies of the NiMo-Mehulbhai-NaMo that are driving the humour.


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I watched Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Padmaavat; Modi and Rahul Gandhi's silence about Karni Sena violence is telling

The cadres and their patrons need productive employment so they can stay off the streets and are denied their 15 minutes of fame.


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Gujarat Assembly elections: 10 major takeaways

An election, which seemed like a comfortable walk along the lovely Sabarmati riverfront for the BJP, is going down to the wire.


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Gauri Lankesh’s killing sends out a clear message: Silence the critical voices

She had invited me to speak at a Progressive Writers Forum only a few days back. Now that meeting will never take place.


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Cabinet reshuffle: 10 things you should know

By elevating Nirmala Sitharaman as defence minister, Modi has killed three birds with one stone.


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Decoding Gujarat 'resort politics': Why Amit Shah is so desperate for revenge

The Rajya Sabha seat at stake is that of Ahmed Patel. He is not just another Congress MP, he is Sonia Gandhi's eyes and ears.