Lubna Irfan
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Lubna Irfan is a scholar of medieval Indian history at Centre of Advanced Study, Department of History, AMU. Her areas of interest are social history, history of art and architecture and gender history. She's also a poet.


 |   6-minute read

A king, a noble, a common man: Tracking three travellers of the Mughal era

How one travels has always been a statement of wealth and social status.


 |   7-minute read

From Babur to Dara Shukoh: Fluid sexuality was never 'unnatural' during Mughal era

When people were looking for reasons to behead Sarmad, they didn’t find homosexuality a reason enough to punish him.


 |   5-minute read

Of sarais and Sultanates: What the remains of two centuries-old inns in Delhi tell us

Spaces of public use have changed a lot since the medieval times, but some things remain the same.


 |   9-minute read

The dangers of patriarchal narratives glorifying jauhar and sati

Absence of accounts from women’s perspectives leaves one skeptical of historical accounts composed by the privileged gender.


 |   6-minute read

What we can learn from Amir Khusrau's patriotism and his idea of India

Patriotism test for madrasas in Uttar Pradesh on Independence Day shows the rotten condition of our independent nation.


 |   7-minute read

Calling Mughals invaders is Adityanath's way of othering Indian Muslims

Stereotypes and biases lead to distorted understandings of the past, which negatively affects the present and haunts the future.