Loveena Tandon
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Author is foreign correspondent for India Today Group.


 |   5-minute read

From posh living to prison meals: Nirav Modi in jail is now denied bail

'Unkept, tired and mellowed,' what caused such a change in Nirav Modi's demeanour at the Westminster Court bail hearing?


 |   8-minute read

When I caught up with Nirav Modi in London

My confronting Nirav Modi on a busy London street was the last video of him before he was arrested. What thoughts could he and Vijay Mallya be thinking now?


 |   5-minute read

Burning our flag: How Britain is emerging as a safe haven for anti-India separatist groups

Khalistanis and Pakistan-backed factions routinely burn our Tricolour on the streets of London. Yet, the British look away, despite India's 'special relationship' with the country that hosts such elements.


 |   7-minute read

How Syed Shuja’s wild claims may have undermined the EVM-VVPAT debate forever

I attended the London press conference by the ‘EVM hacker’, seeking proper evidence. Here’s what I got instead.


 |   5-minute read

Pregnant British MP forced to delay birthing to vote on Brexit: 19th century rules still rule Parliament today!

The shocking case of an MP having to delay childbirth to be able to vote in Parliament in person, as demanded by the rules, has thrown Britain into debating the patriarchal laws even its lawmakers have to live with.


 |   4-minute read