Harbir Singh
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Harbir Singh is a political analyst and writer.


 |   6-minute read

Serving the global jihad: This is what Khalistanis supporting Pakistan are doing. And it is a betrayal of Sikhs

Hindus and Sikhs have their issues. But this is nothing compared to the brutality Sikhs faced from the Muslim League which pushed them out of Pakistan. To side with them is a huge betrayal.


 |   6-minute read

Midnight's Most Confused Child: What Salman Rushdie's tweet on Kashmir tells us about him

Salman Rushdie feels India is committing an atrocity in Kashmir. Ironically, Rushdie would be killed on sight in Kashmir, which India is trying to protect from the onslaught of global jihadism.


 |   5-minute read

The deal that broke: Article 370 had to go when Donald Trump met Imran Khan. What follows now?

Pakistan likely agreed to help the US in Afghanistan for US help on Kashmir. But the Modi-Shah masterstroke upset that scenario. So, is the Afghanistan deal off too?


 |   12-minute read

Smash the Nehruvian Mould: Donald Trump offers India a massive paradigm shift. We should embrace this

There is huge opportunity for India behind Donald Trump's assertion on Kashmir. From trade to tackling terrorism, this could be a game changer for a nation that remains stuck in musty Nehruvianism.