Shehla Rashid
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The writer is the general secretary of Jammu and Kashmir Peoples Movement (JKPM), an activist, and former vice-president, JNU Students' Union.


 |   8-minute read

It's the economy: Kashmiris are being suppressed and Pakistan or ISIS is not the reason

Kashmir has suddenly been locked down, its people suppressed, its leaders held. But why now?


 |   3-minute read

India's pushed Kashmir to no return: If Karan Singh can have his view, why can't Shah Faesal?

After the arbitrary move to abrogate Article 370, the govt has arrested Kashmiri leaders like Shah Faesal and placed choking restrictions on the Valley. Kashmir is an open-air prison now.


 |   5-minute read

Article 370 revoked is a humiliation for Kashmiris: Why gag us like this? Does BJP think Muslims should have no rights?

Eid is just a few days away. But Kashmir is in prison, all communications closed, political leaders in custody, taunts thrown our way. BJP is humiliating us but we will legally challenge them.


 |   4-minute read

Kashmir is paradise broken: Kashmiris are being subjected to strange mind games and stranger diktats by the govt

As pilgrims and tourists are asked to suddenly leave Kashmir, amidst a massive troop build-up, locals are on edge. Rumours multiply and the queues of panicked people are hellish.