Srijan Pal Singh
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Author is an IIM Ahmedabad graduate and was the adviser for Policy and Technology to Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, 11th President of India. He co-authored the book Reignited with Dr Kalam and is the author of Reignited 2. He is the CEO of Kalam Centre.


 |   5-minute read

Why Kalam continues to pay the price for being a nationalist

Kalam wasn’t just a political nonconformist. He was a nonconformist in his religion too.


 |   4-minute read

Why people celebrating the Hyderabad encounter should worry the judiciary

The public celebrating the extra-judicial killings goes on to show the poor faith they have in the judicial system.


 |   7-minute read

It will not burn. It will not melt: What’s your alternative to plastic?

Be warned. Paper and cloth bags too come with dangerous environmental costs.