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Humble Submissions

The writer is a lawyer and writer based in Delhi. He is the author of The Angel's Share (HarperCollins, 2012). He blogs at


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Pragati Maidan: How the future was cancelled

The Hall of Nations stood for the optimism, hope and dreams of our grandparents — a generation that came out of world wars, Partition and famine.


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What your poop says about the advice you read online

Can you imagine Hemingway bending over the toilet with a check-list in his hand?


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Do we know what real water tastes like?

We are moving away from our ancestral roots, we are becoming post-human. We don't even drink the same water.


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Indian Super League Game: Come on, let's football?

It’s too early to comment whether the ISL is likely to be a success, but this did not feel like the real deal.


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Who watches the watchmen

A need for private security points to a perception of the growing divide between the rich and the poor and the volatility of the gap.