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Here’s why the BJP is still so confident that it will win Madhya Pradesh, despite the gloomy exit polls

BJP is banking on strong organisational strength to help it cross the hump in MP's 50 most closely fought seats.  


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Come 2019, why the BJP could be looking at serious losses in the Hindi heartland

There’s only a day to go for the actual results. But number-crunching of Assembly exit poll data suggests the BJP could lose substantial ground in the Hindi heartland in next year's general election.


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The BJP has a real problem in the Hindi heartland

Beyond the headline-grabbing seat and vote share numbers, the India Today-Axis My India Exit Poll shows first-time voters, farmers, unemployed, Dalits, tribals have voted more for Congress than BJP.


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How Rahul Kanwal broke down Karnataka election results on his Twitter timeline

When it comes to last mile connectivity, Amit Shah led BJP were leagues ahead of Rahul Gandhi led Congress.


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10 things I learnt on the campaign trail in Karnataka

A tactical understanding between BJP and JD(S) is visible on ground.


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Reject journalism that drives hate, worried about ratings: Rahul Kanwal's Harvard address

Those who like the government will say that we are way too critical. Those who hate the government will say that we are not critical enough.


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Exit poll: 5 reasons for BJP to cheer and 5 to worry

If the rural seats of Gujarat are considered in isolation, the party would have been badly bruised in this elections.


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Gujarat Assembly elections: 9 things I learnt from the campaign battlefield

If Congress hopes to defeat BJP, they will have to fight every election as if their life depends on it. That’s the only way Modi and Shah know how to fight elections.


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12 key things I learnt on the campaign trail in Uttar Pradesh

PM Modi's charisma remains unsullied despite demonetisation, but Akhilesh-mania is real.


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10 things I learnt on the campaign trail in Punjab this elections

The AAP surge is a potent force in Malwa region, but Congress under Captain Amarinder Singh, too, can pull off a victory.