Neha Dixit


The Inner Courtyard

The writer is an independent journalist who writes on gender, development and politics in South Asia.


 |  The Inner Courtyard  |   5-minute read

Talking sex and make-up to a teen in light of her mother's failed sterilisation

Kajal and I were having this conversation while she was taking me to an anganwadi worker's house.


 |  The Inner Courtyard  |   4-minute read

No justice for his sister: Man loses his living, travelling from Gujarat to Haryana

Young Assamese labourer has been making a 1,000km journey back and forth as he awaits the verdict for his sister who was sold off as a child bride.


 |  The Inner Courtyard  |   10-minute read

What a delayed train journey can teach you about Delhi politics

From a conversation about Arvind Kejriwal to the government setting the nation back, all in one long ride.


 |  The Inner Courtyard  |   3-minute read

10 reasons why I want women to reclaim the streets

Vignettes from my own life that best describe how we deny women their right to be outdoors.


 |  The Inner Courtyard  |   6-minute read

How rape is only the beginning of a victim's nightmare

Next time we demand justice for women survivors of crimes, we must mandatorily ask for better rehabilitation.


 |  The Inner Courtyard  |   6-minute read

Would you like some prejudices with tea?

A profound conversation with English-speaking, educated, middle class aunties over lunch in Delhi.


 |  The Inner Courtyard  |   7-minute read

Our lady at home, the corporator bahu

The in-betweens of being a woman corporator in Uttar Pradesh.