5 times talented, ordinary people became stars on social media overnight

You may have come across the video for a Pakistan man dressed as a clown singing a Bollywood song and winning hearts. Well, he is not the only one. Here are 5 such extraordinary stories of ordinary people.

 |  2-minute read |   05-05-2022
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In a world full of Tony Kakkars, it has become hard to find the next Lucky Ali. And similarly, no new artist is recording songs like Kitni Haseen Zindagi Hai Ye or Maaeri any longer.

As a result, we see Dheeme Dheeme or Bijlee Bijlee on loop on Instagram. People like Dhinchak Pooja have gained fame in the world of likes and comments.

Social media is like the silver screen for common people, only when used wisely.

Many a times social media provides the right platform to those who are struggling. All the likes, comments and views also help them find the right opportunities.

We’ve made a list of artists who deserved to become a star and social media gave them the much-needed kick-start.

Here are 5 such people and their inspiring stories:


A recent video from Karachi, Pakistan is going viral on social media. A man dressed as a clown is singing a track from movie Agnipath.

In the video, a blogger asks a few questions to the man and then he reveals that he loves to sing.

And trust me, this is the best version of Abhi Mujh Mein Kahin till date.


In 2018, Shankar Mahadevan shared a video on social media of a farmer who can be seen singing melodiously.

Rakesh Unni from Kerala sang Unnai Kanaadhu by Shankar Mahadevan from Vishwaroopam.

Mahadevan not only shared his video but also urged people to share any possible contact of the farmer and said that he wanted to work with him.

Then social media did its magic. Mahadevan found Unni’s details within a day and he decided to work with him.


Last October, a video of Shakeel performing on the streets of Versova in Mumbai went viral.

With a guitar in his hands, he can be seen him singing a classic Bollywood track, Jab Koi Baat Bigad Jaye.

He also grabbed the attention of celebrities like Hritik Roshan.

Ankit, who shared his video on social media, also shared his UPI address and he received around Rs 70,000 as help.


In yet another video that went viral on social media, April 2, a school girl impressed the internet with her beautiful voice.

Eight-year-old Muri Murami can be seen singing the title track of Kahi Pyaar Na Ho Jaye.


A security guard won many hearts in 2016 with his melodious voice.

Shauvik, working as a watchman can be seen singing some lines from Arijit Singh’s track baatein yeh kabhi na.

The video received a positive response from internet users across the country.

These five are not the only ones with hidden talents. There are many other inspiring stories in every street.


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