Shameful how Ameesha Patel thinks it's okay to talk about periods

The world is not my gynaecologist or my partner.

 |  2-minute read |   28-10-2015
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Following Ameesha Patel and Kaushal Tandon's "pyaar-takraar" (love-hate) on Twitter, irrespective of what people are thinking, I am keen to know why advertising one's periods is the new "cool" thing for both real and pretentious feminists.

Announcing to the world that it's that day of the month baffles, amuses and even disgusts me.

Not too long ago, a Facebook friend of mine, irked of being confused as a man, proudly posted on her wall: "I'm a girl for heaven's sake. I bleed for three days every month".

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Now call me old school, but I see no angle of feminism or woman empowerment in beating your chest for having periods. In my opinion, it's not only a private matter but also a highly inappropriate subject to be discussed in public.

The world is not my gynaecologist that I should consult it about the regularity of my "dates" nor is it my partner that I would discuss when it's safe to mate.

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I know we need to tone down our reactions while spotting someone's blot, but what proclaimers of blot gain out of the public display of "girly problems" is surely beyond me.

Do Ameesha or anyone proud of a bleeding private part succeed in comprehending that those standing by them are wearing ghost smiles? They giggle on your outspokenness mutely; they are anything but your well-wishers.

I'm a woman, and I'm not ashamed of my body. But is going bra-less or topless even remotely associated with woman liberation? It's not even a contribution to sex-education and personal hygiene.

We all know that women have certain bodily issues to deal with every month. Standing on the podium and declaring being born with them is no matter of pride. Ameesha, I understand that a particular self-discovery may have excited you, but trust me dear, you are just one among one-half of the world's population. You need to go a long way to stand out. Let's try to preserve some privacy.

I am old school, I know. But I think on a number of instances the old is undisputedly shimmering gold.


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The writer is an IT manager, relationship expert and accidental author, and has sold film rights for her debut book 'He Fixed the Match, She Fixed Him'.

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