Disturbing CCTV footage of Bangalore sexual assault shows how Indian cities fail women

Molestations, rapes and sexual assaults continue to happen unhampered across the country irrespective of 'what one is wearing'. Twitter reactions.

 |  4-minute read |   04-01-2017
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“If you put enough CCTVs in dark alleys, you’ll find every city is Delhi.”

This is a tweet that sums up everything that has happened in Bangalore on New Year’s Eve. Even as politicians continue to blab about "western influences" and "women in skimpy clothes" attracting and deserving attacks, overwhelming proof exists that molestations, rapes and sexual assaults continue to happen unhampered across the country irrespective of what one is wearing.

blore-cctv_010517023157.jpg Photo: Screengrab

The disturbing CCTV footage that has emerged from the Kamanahalli area in Bangalore, recorded on January 1, shows two bike-borne men stopping and molesting a woman even as bystanders stood by and watched this happen. This shameful footage juxtaposed against #NotAllMen-screaming “men’s rights activists” and idiotic politicians, makes one wonder just how women have managed to survive into the 21st century at all.

TheNewsMinute reported that the Banasawadi police detained several men in connection with the molestation incident in Kammanahalli. The police also added that CCTV camera footage from six different locations. The police are also tracing the location of the cellphones of the detained men, to establish if they were present in the area at the time of the crime.

While swift police action is commendable, one has to wonder if this, in the case of Bangalore, stems from the enormous amount of media attention and public outrage this story has received. Whatever be the case, one thing that remains a constant, is that no city in India is safe for women. No matter how rural, or how cosmopolitan, as long as there isn’t a collective understanding of consent, space and respect among Indian men, even an abundance of CCTVs, cops, neighbourhood watches, pepper-spray and tasers won’t help Indian women feel safe.

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