Bigg Boss 12: What will happen when Sreesanth and Anup Jalota return to the house

The former cricketer and bhajan maestro are cooling their heels in the secret room, keeping an eye and ear on what other contestants have to say about them.

 |  3-minute read |   11-10-2018
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For the third time in Bigg Boss 12, the makers have skipped eviction. But this hasn’t happened without its fair share of drama. Former cricketer Sreesanth has been evicted only for his housemates, while for the audience, he has joined bhajan maestro Anup Jalota in the secret room.

anup-jalota-690_101118021434.jpgIs Anup Jalota behaving like a jilted lover? (Source: TV garb)

The secret room allows its occupants to keep an eye and ear on what Bigg Boss house inmates are doing.

The trick to send people to the secret room unbeknownst to the other contestants has often been used in the show to spark rancorous fights peppered with cries and screaming sessions — the kind of drama Bigg Boss thrives on.

As Jalota and Sreesanth cool their heels in the secret room, it is pretty clear that once they are sent back to the house, chaos will hit the fan.

While Jalota has been in the room for a couple of days Sreesanth joined him on October 10.

The drama started on Wednesday when the nominated contestants Sreesanth, Karanvir Bohra and Neha Pendse were woken up in the middle of the night and asked to come to the activity area. The three were asked to step into a coffin each. The other housemates, who had assembled in the living area, were then asked to vote one out of the game.

bigg-boss-690_101118021224.jpgThe mid-week eviction came as a shock for the contestants. (Source: Twitter)

While Neha received the maximum votes for eviction, in an interesting twist, Bigg Boss announced that the contestant exiting the house would be the one who got the least votes. Following this, Sreesanth was asked to leave the house.

The news received mixed reactions in the house — some celebrated, others cried.

Dipika Kakar, who voted against Sreesanth, was heard telling other contestants that she voted for him because she did not want Neha to go as she was closer to her in the house.

Sreesanth did not take Dipika’s reasoning sportingly enough and this is now sure to affect the bond the two shared so far in the show. Known for his highly mercurial temperament so far in the show, Sreesanth is likely to set some fireworks when he returns to the house.

It is now clear to Sreesanth that Dipika lied to him over the reason for naming him for eviction. Dipika had said, she was naming Sreesanth because she believed he was homesick and really needed to go back home. Post the ‘eviction’, she accepted the real reason was her closeness with Neha.  

On the other hand, Anup Jalota, who is behaving much like a jilted lover, given how quickly Jasleen Matharu ‘adjusted’ in the house after Jalota was ‘evicted’ is all set to lead to a lovers’ tiff in the house. Jalota looks uneasy with Jasleen's growing closeness with Shivashish Mishra.

The big question weighing on everyone’s mind — will Jalota once again break up with Matharu?

For Sreesanth, we know — he would scream, fight and then burst into tears. 

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