Another Chinese woman got stuck at her blind date's house. This one has a happy ending

Here's another lockdown love story from China. And they are getting married soon!

 |  2-minute read |   19-01-2022
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Remember the story of the Chinese woman named Wang, who got stuck at her blind date’s house when China announced a sudden Covid lockdown? Now we have another such incident. This one has a different ending though.

Unlike Wang and her blind date, Zhao Xiaoqing is now all set to marry her blind date.



Zhao Xiaoqing, a 28-year-old woman from Shaanxi, China, is an online apple trader. She got locked with her blind date in mid-December 2021.

Xiaoqing first saw a photograph of Zhao Fei, her date, and she was not too impressed.

But later she realised that he looked better in real life. So, Xiaoqing decided to meet him a second time.

chinesecouple-inside_011922045616.jpgZhao Xiaoqing and Zhao Fei

Xiaoqing went to a different city to meet Fei for the second time because she wanted to know his family better.

She travelled to Xianyang in December last year, and was having a pleasant time with her date and his family. That night, the city was put under a sudden lockdown. And just like Wang, she too couldn’t leave her blind date's home.

After one week of living together, her date’s parents asked them to get engaged. But Zhao felt it was too early to take this step.

But now, after a month-long lockdown, the couple has decided to get engaged. The couple will celebrate their engagement with friends and family after the lockdown is lifted.


Xiaoqing got lucky during the Covid-19 lockdown and is much in love. “We get along very well. I have to sell apples on livestream at his house, but no matter how late it is, he's always by my side. I'm very touched by this. Our souls are compatible, we get along very well, and both our parents are happy,” Xiaoqing told Chinese local media Jimu News as mentioned in an AFP report.


In the previous similar case, the girl, Wang, wasn’t this lucky. Her date was exactly the opposite of what she wanted.


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