Did Trump actually answer anything at all in his Ask Me Anything?

Leave alone America, can the Republican presidential nominee make Reddit Great Again?

 |  4-minute read |   28-07-2016
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Donald Trump is an enigma.

Trump's political policies are built from the doctrine of Oprah Winfrey's "You get a car" phenomenon.

ezgif.com-optimize_072816071950.gif Oprah shouted, "You get a car, you get a car" to her audience in 2004 and gifted all of them cars.

This creates confusion as when asked about how he will fix corruption or the influence of Wall Street or create jobs or reduce terrorism, the man has two stock answers to the effect of:

1. Everything will be okay if "Crooked Hillary" is kept out of office.

2. You will get anything you want "when I'm President". Let's "Make America Great Again".

The question everyone then gravitates to is, "What the f*** does this actually mean?"

At this point, no one knows.

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According to a recent report, when Trump asked governor John Kasichto be his vice-president, the Republican nominee offered to make the latter the most powerful American VP in history and gave him the Foreign and Domestic policy portfolios.

The logical end to this idea is asking ourselves, "What the hell will Trump do if his VP is handling all policy?"

Like, this dude wants to "Make America Great Again" by asking other people to do his work?

Okay scratch that as that sounds perfectly American.

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To actually answer some of the questions, Trump held a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) today.

His campaign has polarised the internet, and with recent investigative reports coming out about Donald Trump and if he's ever used a computer, this had all the potential in the world to be very "Trump". (Yes Trump can be used a verb and an adjective now - it's already an invective, an expletive, an incantation - for a few).

His answers were, ummm, illuminating?

So Donald's answer to help American youth is, "You get a job, you get a job, you all get no debt". 

Trump is worried about media bias when a section of that made him relevant and has been (stupidly) his staunch supporters?

NASA is wonderful? What's their role? Answer the questions Donald!

Well obviously all the money which has been floating around in the US government is because of Hillary.

Obviously when someone asks you about your very questionable foreign policy, just tell them about how much of a failure the current one has been, say you'll will change it but DON'T SAY HOW BECAUSE WHO THE F*** KNOWS?

Trump answered a total of 10 questions in an hour, ignoring most. Hell he ignored some parts of questions he was asked, choosing what to answer at will.

Key takeaways?

Everything will be good if "Crooked Hillary" is kept out of office, everyone will get everything they want (and more) and Trump thinks NASA is cool.

Never change Donald.


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