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Trump is winning and everyone on Twitter is having its biggest meltdown

Just how hellish can it get for the United States of America?

 |  4-minute read |   09-11-2016
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The American media establishment, liberals on social media, pollsters and election pundits are losing it. Literally.

No one had seen this coming. From the New York Times, to the Washington Post, to the New Yorker, to the CNN, to every small and big media house, rag sheet, newspaper, weekly, monthly, pamphlet had all seriously endorsed Hillary Clinton, exposing every single misdeed, displays of sexist and racist everydayness, on the part of Trump. To no avail.

Not just the American media elites, even in India, most journalists expected, earnestly hoped that Clinton would become the first woman president of America. They are all eating their words today, emphatic declarations of having faith in democracy as a system, an end in itself.

It didn't matter. Donald Trump suddenly became the "voice of the people"; he was the new working class champion. He was the one who'd keep the immigrants out and let white Americans have the jobs. He was the bully-messiah. He is the new rebel.

why-the-ap-nbc-news-_110916115036.jpg Almost there, Hillary. Almost... (Photo credit: AP) 

Twitter is still not conceding, though hopelessness is creeping in, percolating through every crack in the fabric of American political society.

For example, the desperation that this imbecile would have control over the nuclear codes. That this climate change denier may just overrule Paris Climate Accord, give fossil fuel conglomerates a free rein, make an even bigger mess in the Middle East by giving away arms to each and every warring faction.

For example, and this will happen, Twitter is seeing an overwhelming tide of convulsion over race issues, seeing how mass deportations may become a reality, and a Brexit-like nightmarish situation may be looming large now.

For example, Twitter is aggrieved that every one of those who thought Hillary's foreign policy was debauched, will now grapple with the utter lunacy of a Trump presidency.

Some reactions: 

In the domestic sector, Obamacare, gay marriage, affirmative action, gun control - what on earth would happen to those consequential policy decisions that uplifted and helped so many hundreds of thousands of Americans?

For everyone who thought this is the end of American empire as we know it, how are you going to explain that both the Congress and the Senate will now be controlled by those very Republicans whose vast, petrodollar-driven imperial stake-holdings make up the very crux of the neoliberal empire?

And what about misogyny? America is about to pick a known rapist-sexual assaulter to the White House. Is rape going to be a lesser crime now?

So long, America.

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