Would you spend lakhs of rupees on plastic surgeries? Here are 5 people who have

In an attempt to look more like Barbie doll and anime characters, these five women have spent millions on plastic surgeries. From butt implants and lip filters to labioplasty, they have done it all.

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If you had the option to spend a lot of money, would you ever spend it on yourself? Off course, why not!

I would probably invest in a few healthy assets, a nice vacation rental home and an open air car. Maybe even splurge some money on my family and friends, pay for everyone's therapy and get some coaching from rich folks on how to make more money.

But would I spend this money to drastically change my body structure and look like a Barbie doll? Maybe enlarge my lips and add some volume on my cheeks? Hell no.  

Well, not everyone has the same taste and preferences and honestly, to each his own. We are no one to judge. Spending money to look beautiful is a form of self love and it does a lot for your self confidence and self esteem.

But when does spending on yourself becomes too much? Or is there a thing as ''too much'' when you splurge on yourself and want to make yourself happy? 

Here are 5 people who chose to spend their money on cosmetically making their bodies prettier, just like a Barbie doll. Whether its too much or not, you decide. 


There was a time when the phrase 36-24-36 was a common dream size for a woman's body. But if you browse through Jessy Bunny's IG profile, her bio says: 115cm-65cm-112cm. (That means 45-25-44).

A 21-year-old Austrian model called Jessica (Jessy Bunny) has spent Rs 53 lakhs on extreme cosmetic surgeries on her body.

Born in Germany, Jessy initially had short dark hair and many piercings on her body. But that did not make her feel comfortable in her skin. This led Jessy to start transforming her body at the age of 18. Her transformations have come from three breast enhancement surgeries, and multiple surgeries to enhance her nose, buttocks and lips.

Jessy got her first breast augmentation surgery from the money that her parents gave her to get driving lessons. Till date, Jessy has spent a total of £55,000 (about Rs 52.8 lakh) in efforts to change her cup size to 2000cc.    

Though these cosmetic upgrades have boosted her self confidence, this hasn't gone down well with Jessy's family. Jessy's family has blocked her phone number and broken ties with her after her surgeries. But despite her family's behaviour, Jessy plans to continue to keep having these surgeries. It has not deterred her dream of having the most voluminous lips in the country.


Nannette Hammond is a 46 year old mom of 7 kids who is known as the 'Human Barbie Doll'. With a dream to look like a Barbie, the 46-year-old owns a pink convertible Barbie car and has reportedly spent more than $500K (ie. Rs 4 Crore) on plastic surgeries and the everyday upkeep. 

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Her transformation began at the age of 21 with multiple breast augmentation procedures to change her cup size from B cup to a DD. Then, she started getting botox injections regularly and collagen filler for her lips.

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She has corrected her upper eyelids, botoxed her forehead, had filler injections on her cheeks and chin, and has had a lip implant. She also has worked on her teeth with veneers, and now has a cup size of 28 H with 700 cc silicone implants. She was also in the news for getting new butt implants and using labiaplasty to complete her Barbie look. 


Niki Exotica looks like a million bucks today. Coz she spent that much on herself.

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She grew up in her childhood as Jason Torres and was bullied for her flamboyant style and self-expression back then. During her teens, she discovered drag bars, and started meeting trans-men and started taking illegal hormones. By the time she turned 19, she had a gender reassignment surgery and three nose jobs, two  breast augmentation procedures and an Adam’s apple reduction.  

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Since this gender change procedure, she has spent over a million bucks to transform into a (silicone filled) Barbie doll because she wanted to feel stunning and gorgeous, just like her role model Barbie. 


Anastasia Pokreshchuk has an affinity for filler injections. Why? Well, those injections have caused her cheeks to protrude and plump up, because of which she boasts of having the ''World's largest cheeks'' at 33. 


Anastasia, a pink haired girl from Kyiv, Ukraine, used to have a slender face and curly hair in her 20s. She then spent an initial £1,500 (about Rs 145,000) on fillers at the age of 26 and “fell in love” with the way it made her look. Over time, her consistent addiction to fillers have altered her lips, jaws, and chin on her face. Apart from her obsession with big cheeks, she also has veneers, breast implants and has had Botox injected into her forehead.

She now does her injections herself, because she is learning cosmetology in an online school. 

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Valeria Lukyanova is a model, a writer, DJ, musician and seminar leader for spiritual topics from Moldova, a place near Ukraine. When you see her photos, her strange anime look might be the first thing you notice. Valeria calls herself Amatue, and uses her appearance to promote her ideas about spirituality and mysticism.

5-1_050422034828.jpgPhoto: Facebook

The only surgery Valeria admits to is breast augmentation, which she got after dying her hair platinum blonde. As she forayed into social media, her appearance changed dramatically, and likely involved additional surgeries.

The 35-year-old claims that her one-and-a-half-hour-long makeup routine sculpts her doll-like face. But plastic surgeon Dr Sam Rizk feels that Valeria has had several surgeries, from rhinoplasty to body contouring to reduce her waist size. 

Would you spend a million bucks to change your appearance? 


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