Redditors explain how Indian men should ask women out

This thread is weirdly informative and can work as a lifeline for our utterly clueless male entities.

 |  3-minute read |   15-07-2016
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They (some movies) say that the five second walk to chat up a girl after you've decided to are the most excruciating for men.

The possibilities are endless, the ways you could do it are infinite and that five second walk is a rollercoaster of emotions.

Indian men are generally accepted to be bad with making the first move, with a once viral Quora thread from two years ago becoming its Internet nadir. The now legendary "expert at failing at relationships" said Indian men are "delusional and full of themselves, they are too groomed or not groomed at all, unsophisticated and incredibly uninteresting".

brows_071516043646.gif  Abed's brow'ing.

The reasons he cited were fairly valid, i.e. the time we have grown up in, Indian culture, etc.

So in these dark time, a Redditor decided to ask the women for help.

What ensued was a tragicomedy consisting of class, social and daddy issues, where obviously more men took to venting rather than understanding what the women wanted.

One great sir just thinks men need to be good looking to not creep Indian women out.

A redditor then tried to play nice and mention the obvious (And old school) "Humour and comfortable" card.
But finally a lady took them to the cleaners, dropping the hallowed "feminism" card. 
The mike drop of the day went to SonofagunOG, who went the "feminism against the world is stupid" play


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