India at sea: Breathtaking images from International Fleet Review 2016

Bringing together military might and technological splendour, IFR2016 promises to be a treat to the eyes.

 |  3-minute read |   04-02-2016
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The four-day gala celebrating naval prowess and military extravaganza on the sea - the prestigious International Fleet Review (IFR) - organised by the Indian Navy this year has started off in style.

The festival, from February 4-8, will see our naval wonders, such as INS Vikramaditya, among others, showcased, while also joined by a host of foreign war ships from different participating countries, whose crews and maritime officers have sailed in to the lovely waters of the Indian Ocean. The last time IFR was organised by the Indian Navy was in 2001.

Along the harbour of port city Visakhapatnam, the congregation of warships, aircraft carriers and other military marvels will be displayed. The official them of the IFR this year is "United through Oceans", thereby indicating a global maritime cooperation that is the need of the hour.

Enjoy these spectacular images from the rehearsals and the first day at IFR2016.  


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