What is the viral iPhone lockscreen trend on Instagram? 10 reels and how you can make yours

Will you try the viral iPhone lockscreen trend on Instagram or give it a pass?

 |  3-minute read |   26-11-2021
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You open Instagram, go to reels, and everyone is on freeze mode. But why? It is the iPhone lockscreen challenge that is trending right now on Instagram. This trend (literally) tests your ability to stay still. This iPhone lockscreen trend is going viral on the famous song Banna Re by Chitralekha Sen and DJ Shadow Dubai.

HOW CAN YOU MAKE A LOCKSCREEN REEL? To make this reel, you need to search for the filter ‘iPhone lockscreen’ and save it. Make a reel in which you’ll have to stay still for a few seconds to create a phone wallpaper-like illusion. As you jump to the chorus of the song, do your favourite move to break the illusion.

Now, you must be wondering why, but as it is with any other viral trend, we know to skip that question. So the next is how is the trend doing on Instagram. Very well, actually. From celebs to popular creators, everyone is on the lockscreen wagon. Many have nailed it, while others are simply giving us a good laugh.


1. With 46.1 million views, Bollywood diva Madhuri Dixit’s video is a hit

2. TV star Hina Khan nailed the stability test

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3. Another TV star, Krystle D'Souza, attempted the viral trend and all we can say is -good job!


4. Instagram took ek se bhale do quite seriously. Here are some who decided to go one plus one or three. Zaid Darbar and Gauahar Khan inspired all the couples out there.

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5. Don’t worry, there is one for the single ones too. All you need is a fluffy partner.

6. This mother-daughter duo should get a 10/10. Not just the mother, the little girl stood still perfectly.


7. Ae Raju, Babu Bhaiya bhi hai idhar

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8. What about alcoholics? How will they stay still? Well, take a look at this

9. Warning! Someone might steal your money or phone while you are standing still.

BUT WHY? While a lot of Instagram users are posting their version of the iPhone lockscreen trend, we still don’t understand the fuss about this. We are still thinking about real-life scenarios where the ability to stay still will (actually) help. Maybe it can help you save your life in the red light-green light game of Squid Game. Or that like that story of the two friends and a bear.


10. After so many remakes, this is exactly what we wanted to hear.

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