After Mumbai pervert, Delhi molester's photo goes viral

If the society is indifferent to her concerns, is it enough for a woman to speak up?

 |  1-minute read |   24-08-2015
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Less than a week after the photo of a "Mumbai pervert", who masturbated at a foreign tourist, went viral on the internet, a similar incident surfaced on the streets of the capital. Late Sunday, Jasleen Kaur, a young woman from North West Delhi, posted a photo of a man who not only made lewd comments at her but also dared her to go ahead and report the incident to the police. In her Facebook post, Kaur said that the alleged molester threatened her with consequences. The police and Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) have taken note of the incident and lauded her for speaking up against harassment. The young woman added that she was shocked that none of the bystanders supported her:

If the society is indifferent to her concerns, is it enough for a woman to speak up?

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