Nusrat-Mimi versus Trolls: Who’s winning this fiery match?

Clearly, the winner is Mamata Banerjee. Here's why.

 |  2-minute read |   26-06-2019
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Trolls must be so upset — their targets, new MPs Mimi and Nusrat, have now cloaked themselves in politically correct clothes.

So, what’s next?

Oh well, there's plenty in the ongoing clash between the celebs and the trolls.

'Why was Nusrat sporting all the signs of a Hindu married woman?'

'Why did Mimi and Nusrat touch the feet of the Speaker?'

'Why was Mimi covering the screen of the cameras outside the Parliament premises? Haven’t their entire careers thrived on Page Three photo-ops?' 

'Why did Nusrat say ‘Vande Mataram’?'

Yes, on a day when Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke in the Lok Sabha on the Congress and the Emergency and India's hopes and dreams, Mimi and Nusrat kept a large section of social media busy — just by existing.

Is this surprising? Well, the journey of Mimi-Nusrat-The Trolls has been long.

push_062619050303.jpgPiling On: Since they are movie stars, they can obviously be chased around. Right? (Photo: ANI)

Flimsy stars

Indian politics judges newcomers first by their age, then their experience (inexperience) and then their sartorial choices.

So when Mamata Banerjee announced the names of Mimi and Nusrat, there were potshots taken at them immediately.

What are their credentials?

Will they bear the heat of the extensive election campaigning and later, the heat of politics?

Well, Mimi was photographed shaking hands with people wearing a pair of gloves.

For Nusrat, it was much more direct. She was the rumoured ex-girlfriend of Kader Khan, an accused in the infamous Park Street gangrape case. The potshots went viral.

Then both of them won — and earned the ire of social media with their business-like first appearance in Parliament.

mimi_062619050505.jpgKeep them on: Mimi wore gloves as she reportedly got scratched and applied ointment. (Photo: Twitter)

Basirhat burning: Where’s Nusrat? In Turkey!

Earlier this month, Nusrat’s constituency and adjoining areas witnessed violent political clashes.

Where was the MP who had promised to have turned up if given a missed call?

She was in Istanbul — marrying Nikhil Jain.

wedding_062619050550.jpgAWOL? Did Nusrat skip work for her wedding? Well, Mimi was there, too. (Photo: Instagram)


Sporting vermillion, choodha, being a Muslim woman?

Well, trolls were happy raising a stink over this too when Nusrat took the oath as Nusrat Jahan Ruhi Jain.

She finished her oath with a pleasant ‘Vande Mataram’.

Please don’t push us!

Parliament was abuzz with the two MPs' presence and camerapersons apparently were jostling with each other to get the duo clicked. Don’t push us, they said on their way to the headlines. Because now, they are apparently not too comfortable with cameras — but isn’t their whole career built on posing in front of cameras?!

So, it’s a close fight between the trolls and Mimi-Nusrat.

Who’s winning?

Clearly, Mamata Banerjee by keeping Parliament abuzz with the two West Bengal MPs.

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