Don't hang clothes in balcony, Lucknow residents told ahead of PM Modi's visit. It is a good thing

Right ahead of PM Modi's Lucknow visit, Gomti Nagar residents are trying their best to maintain their best face.

 |  1-minute read |   19-11-2021
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Do you have those moments when you silently panic at the thought of cleaning up your home when you get to know that someone's about to pay you a visit? The home has to look neat and tidy, and you only have a few hours to clean up duniya bhar ka mess. You feel responsible, don't you?



Somewhere, we also want our guests to feel good and welcome. We also want them to connect better with us and come back. Doesn't it give us a sense of pride about how we managed the show?

The UP Police probably feel a similar sense of responsiblility too. 

As Prime Minister Modi arrives in Lucknow for his 2-day visit, Uttar Pradesh Police has given a diktat to maintain the aesthetics and security of the place. As per the diktat, residents of a certain Saraswati Building are expected to set a certain set of rules for themselves. As they are in close proximity to the event location, the residents are not to hang their clothes in the balcony and have to also report about any new visitors in their residence. Now, for many, this might come across as a bizarre diktat. Is it though? Wouldn't you want a aesthetic, cleaner balcony when the PM visits next door? What if he waved at you and you couldn't catch it from behind the rows and rows of kachchha-baniyan?

Well, trust the UP Police to step in and save the day.


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