Some Indians who went overboard to wish Narendra Modi a happy birthday

While the GDP growth rate may have taken a dip in his tenure, the prime minister's popularity certainly hasn’t.

 |  3-minute read |   18-09-2017
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Prime Minister Narendra Damodardas Modi celebrated his 67th birthday on September 17, 2017. There are many things to be said about the prime minister and his policies; and while the GDP growth rate may have taken a dip in his tenure, his popularity certainly hasn’t. Narendra Modi continues to be as massively popular as ever among his voter-base. In fact, one can easily argue that India has not seen a more popular prime minister since the days of Indira Gandhi.

And when there is a popular prime minister with fans who go all out for him on social media and real life on regular days, things are bound to get special on the man’s birthday. Sportspersons, actors and politicians all tried to bask in the prime minister’s limelight with their birthday wishes and over-the-top praises.

For example, BJP Yuva Morcha vice-president Harsh Sanghvi organised an event where school students made a Narendra Modi formation. A plane passing by the area would actually be able to see a giant Modi face on the grounds with the text “Happy Birthday Modi Ji” under it.

Many got their children to wish the prime minister.

Eastern, western and southern states may complain about “Hindi imposition”, but not everyone thinks it is bad. In fact, some went out of their way to send the prime minister a birthday wish in Hindi. Case in point, the chargé d'affaires of the Russian Embassy, A Kargapolov.

And what celebration is complete without a Narendra Modi cake?

And let’s not forget the beautiful Photoshop jobs:

All in all, Narendra Modi’s birthday is the kind worth being jealous of. After all, no one else receives this kind of adoration on their special day.

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