Why Delhi is as bad as Gurugram during rains

A motorcyclist was killed in the capital after falling into a pothole and getting run over by a tanker.

 |  1-minute read |   31-07-2016
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While rain wreaked havoc on Gurgaon aka Gurugram aka Twitter's favourite punching bag, Delhiites were celebrating the fact that the situation wasn't as dire in the capital.

Things changed on July 29 though with incessant rains shutting down many parts of the city, slowing down traffic to a snail's pace.

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Delhi didn't make headlines like Gurugram did because it was the weekend and the roads were less congested.

potholes-moss_073116050707.jpg Residents faced traffic jams of up to 5km in Gurgaon on July 28. Photo: Vikram Chaudhary (Twitter: @_vikramch)

However, potholes have been responsible for the death of a motorcyclist in the capital.

Praveen Kumar was riding a motorcycle, which fell into the big pothole in the posh Vasant Kunj area, and he was ran over by a tanker.

An eyewitness said, "The pothole is responsible for this death. As it was flooded with water, nobody could judge the depth."

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According to the Road Accident Report (2014) published by the road transport and highways ministry, about 11,400 people died in India as a result of potholes and badly constructed speed breakers.

This is an absurdly high number of deaths owing to something which shouldn't be happening in the 21st century.

Can't we provide our citizens with decent roads even in the major cities?


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