New Year's mile high reminiscences

May 2020 be a blessing that you see in all that you see, and in all that you are not able to see.

 |  3-minute read |   11-01-2020
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On December 31 2018, this square between Broadway and Church on Liberty in New York City became the pervasive image from the day, around which all my activity was anchored, and it stayed with me until the arrival of the midnight hour.

It was the first image I was drawn to as I decided to use Wi-Fi whilst mile-high in my United flight. A journey taking me from home that was New York, to what was once home, and is now again, in New Delhi.

Do you see what I see? Do you sense what I sense? Do you feel what I do? Do you care for what I see, focus on, spend time on in great detail, and what I might edit out entirely from my gaze and hide, without shunning those things away? The clarion simplicity, gossamer complexity, and understated shimmer from warm golden lights roped subtly on the deciduous, giving life to what might seem dead to the ill and misinformed, speaks to me.

Making a statement whilst finding expression within a confined cage, turned into a stage, set for them, as it is for us. Ensconced between buildings as old as the city they are housed in. The light cast by the day is glittering our gaze. In the photo of the square that arrested my day by owning my attention even as I ran past, ran to, and ran away from it, I found questions and I got answers. I ended up finding the photo rich and bursting with opportunities and possibilities. May 2020 be a blessing that you see in all that you see, and in all that you are not able to see. If all you see, feel, touch, cherish, embrace, welcome, hold, contemplate, nurture, dream, fear, question, share, celebrate and sustain is a blessing, then you are the rare lucky one, whose life might be the blessing of all blessings. As I wish each of you a very happy 2020, I wish for you to find time to be mindful in the entirety of this new year. And as I live with the hope of finding mindful grace and being open to learning new tricks and capturing opportunities, I wish you many soul-stirring moments of your own.

main_new-york-2020_f_011120010625.jpgNew Year is welcomed with giant ball drop at New York's Times Square. (Photo: Facebook)

Old Blessings, New Beginnings

The years 2018 and 2019 brought many new challenges to the fore. Hardships faced, strengths gleaned, relationships solidified, new friendships kindled, health lost, health regained, opportunities galore, victories celebrated. Two years passed by quickly, but not without much introspection and reflection.

What kept me going was the steadfast love, support, trust, respect and confidence of my family and loved ones. Always at my side. Nursing me to health, fighting for my recovery, being advocates for my care and my welfare. They provided kind nurturing, wholesome care, and pillars of strength and support that held us together and kept me from flailing whilst in failing health.

The years thus far have been precious blessings that we are most grateful for. We believe that the year ahead and those that follow will be similarly most inspired and inspiring.

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