Amid #ChennaiRains, #OlaBoats row many to safety. Twitter reactions

Social media can't stop raving how the cab behemoth took note of a joke and turned it into a lifeline for stranded passengers.

 |  Breaking views  |  3-minute read |   17-11-2015
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As heavy rains lashed Chennai killing almost 70 people and leaving many helplessly stranded in a watery desert, Ola Cabs, one of the fastest-growing app-based private transportation companies, did the unthinkable. It took a joke posted on Twitter seriously and came up with an innovative solution to help hundreds by deploying boats in the waterlogged and flooded parts of the city!

It all started when Twitter user Venkatesh Krishna made a dash at humour, saying he'd have to take an #OlaBoat to office since the whole city of Chennai was severely affected by the torrential rains. 

But, instead of expressing umbrage or inability at the said "joke", Team Ola jumped to swift action and deployed a number of boats manned by professional rowers and even fishermen, in order to provide food, drinking water, and even medicines to the stranded Chennaiwalas! Ferrying services and distribution of crucial supplies have been undertaken by #OlaBoats, much to Chennai's happy astonishment.

Each boat, with a carrying capacity of five to nine people, is being manned by two rowers. Rain gear, umbrellas and other essentials to beat the downpour are available on each boat.

Naturally, it is raining kudos on Ola from everywhere, and not only from Chennai.

Ola, too, has accepted all the good wishes with the following tweets. We wish it all the best and may it continue to generate instant innovations in future as well.


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