An American in Mumbai

[Photo essay] So long, Pacific Northwest

Here is what I saw during my travels through Oregon, Washington, and Idaho.

 |  An American in Mumbai  |  1-minute read |   26-10-2015
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After two-and-a-half years away, my first trip back to the US after moving to India is wrapping up. This is what I left for India with:

crouch_102615014334.jpg Camping outside Crouch, Idaho


snoqualmie-falls_102615014413.jpg Snoqualmie Falls, Washington


international-founta_102615014759.jpg International Fountain, Seattle


space-needle_102615014816.jpg Space Needle, Seattle


selfie-stick_102615014828.jpg Selfie time at the Space Needle, Seattle


musician_102615032513.jpg Musician at Seattle Centre


fish_102615032553.jpg Newport Aquarium, Oregon


sealion_102615032923.jpg Sealion. Newport, Oregon


lighthouse_102615033005.jpg Yaquina Head Lighthouse. Newport, Oregon


heceta-head_102615014906.jpg Heceta Head Lighthouse, Oregon


thors-well_102615034915.jpg South of Yachats, Oregon


beverly-beach_102615034939.jpg Beverly Beach, Oregon


newport-bridge_102615035005.jpg Newport Bridge, Oregon


pelicans_102615035031.jpg Pelicans. Newport, Oregon 


charter-boat_102615035054.jpg Charter boat. Newport, Oregon


surfer_102615035105.jpg Surfer. Newport, Oregon


whirlpool-selfie_102615035140.jpg Whirlpool selfie. South Beach, Oregon


Craig Boehman Craig Boehman @craigboehman

The writer is an American activist who lives in Mumbai.

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