A truck accidentally dropped tons of cash on the road and everyone obviously went wild

You are driving down the road and find the highway littered with plenty of cash. What do you do?

 |  3-minute read |   23-11-2021
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Imagine you woke up one Friday morning, got dressed for work, and as per your morning routine, prayed to God, “Hey Bhagwan, bahut saara paisa de do.” You visualise God pouring money on you like this: 

Something tells you it's going to be a bumper day and off you go, in a nice car, at 9 am.

On your way to work, you play your favorite Adnan Sami song. It starts right from where it stopped yesterday.

“Kaise kaison ko diya hai, mujhko bhi tu lift karade

Dollar de ya pound de de, cash de de, cheque bana de...”

As you sing along and chuckle at the absurdity of the fun song that seems like someone is cajoling and requesting God for bags of money that they deserve, you just smile and have a moment.  

Next thing you see is a dollar bill somewhere on the road. Well nothing big about a dollar bill that randomly flew out of someone’s pocket, right? You let it go.

As you drive, you see something weird. A traffic jam.


How on earth is there a traffic jam so early in the day on a San Diego freeway?

As you wait in your car for the jam to clear up, you hear the voices of many excited people jumping and throwing waddles of cash in air!


Suddenly there are more dollar notes flying around in the air.


You stop the music. Everyone around you is puzzled, you get out of your car and walk ahead to check what’s going on.  

And you cannot believe your eyes.

Roads littered with so many dollar bills that you could fill your tank. Dollar bills lined up on the corners of the road, bills lying on the sloped lawn, some flying in the air: it is not a sight you might see even in your dreams.


People are taking videos and talking about how insane this is. Some are busy stuffing cash into their pockets while others are throwing it over their head and feeling the notes fall on their face (like they do in the movies).  


What do you do in that moment?

You probably take some cash yourself, stuff it into pockets, walk up to your car and slide your way out of traffic. The next few days are taken care of. And you are off to work, happier than you expected to be.

The music begins and Adnan’s song continues:

Heere de de, moti de de, note-on ki barsaat kar de...

And you think: "Well, isn’t it the day of your dreams?"



You get to work thanking your stars, you log on to Twitter on your laptop, and your eyes turn to the 12 noon news. It’s time for another unbelievable news.

You see this: 

So here's what happened: An armoured truck was on its way to Federal Reserve from a local bank and somehow its door had come loose when it was on the San Diego Freeway. As huge bags of money dropped out, cars on the freeway stopped to collect the bounty. A couple of cars accidentally locked their cars which caused a jam and helped the police arrest a couple of people.

As people went crazy and many videos surfaced online, police intended to use these videos to catch hold of the naughty ones. 

What would you do?

Would you return the money? Or would you keep the bounty to yourself?

Answer in the comments below!


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