DailyOh! What Ramesh Jarkiholi said about BSY in sex CD, to I-T raids on Bollywood celebs

Karanataka BJP minister Ramesh Jarkiholi has resigned on 'moral grounds'.

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Ph se Phantom was dissolved in October 2018 but that did not dissolve the company’s tax liabilities because tax liabilities outlive taxpayers. So the Income-Tax Department today started searches at homes and offices of people associated with Phantom Films. Who are these people? Filmmaker Anurag Kashyap, director Vikramaditya Motwane, producer Madhu Mantena and director Vikas Bahl. Also, actor Taapsee Pannu. We know you see what we see. Most of these people have been critical of the government in their tweets, said many on Twitter. The I-T Department said it doesn’t know about the tweets. It only knows about tax.

taapse_030321042928.jpgThe Income Tax Department is carrying out raids at the houses and offices of some Bollywood celebs. (Photo: Twitter/@taapsee)

Political strategist Prashant Kishor says he knows about his job of devising political strategies so well that if over 100 BJP candidates in West Bengal get jobs as MLAs on May 2, he would resign from his job as political strategist. What would be his job then? He says there is no need to think about it because the BJP will not win more than 100 seats. Pressured for an answer, Kishor said he would do so something entirely different.

Meanwhile, BJP’s Karnataka minister lost his job over a sex CD. Water Resources Minister Ramesh Jarkiholi, who not too long ago was a Congress member, has been caught on a sex tape. Two consenting individuals having sex, caught or not, is fine if there was no misuse of office involved. Social activist Dinesh Kalahalli, who released the CD to the media, has alleged that the woman in the CD was enticed by Jarkiholi with the offer of a government job. Jarkiholi’s own job is to provide water to the people of Karnataka, from which he has had to resign because of the CD. Jarkiholi gave credit to ‘moral grounds’ for the resignation and called the CD fake.

ramesh_030321043834.jpgRamesh Jarkiholi has resigned as Karnataka Water Resources Minister.

Jarkiholi’s CD, however, is just one in a series of Karnataka’s many political sex scandals. But the tape goes beyond just a sex scandal. It also shows some corruption scandal. Ramesh Jarkiholi is heard talking about BJP leader and Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa in the tape. He says while Congress leader Siddaramaiah was “good”, Yediyurappa “has done too much corruption”. When the ship sinks, it’s more than just the ship that sinks.

The politics in Delhi too gave BJP a sinking feeling today with the Aam Aadmi Party declaring “Ho Gaya Kaam, Jai Shri Ram”. The AAP won four of the five municipal corporation seats in the bypolls. So, the BJP won one? No, the BJP won none. The one seat that remained went to the Congress.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi yesterday got talking to economist Kaushik Basu. The chit chat went on for well over an hour and as is the nature of long conversations, there was a lot of opening up. Rahul Gandhi told Basu that he had been criticised within his party, apart from being criticised in the press and by other parties, when he spoke about elections in the Congress.

Gandhi did not name the people in the party who did so, else it would have been interesting to see where they currently are. Apart from current affairs, Gandhi also spoke about one past affair of the party. The Emergency affair of 1975. Gandhi said the Emergency was a 'mistake' and that his Daadi too had called it a mistake. He then said the mistake of 1975, which stretched to 1977, is very different from what is happening today. Today, he said, is worse. Why so? Because, according to the Congress leader, the RSS is doing something "fundamentally different" and filling up the institutions of the country with its people.

Rahul Gandhi believes even if his party was to win the elections, it won’t be able to get rid of “their people” in the institutional structure. But how will the party win the elections? Basu didn’t ask. Rahul didn’t answer.

Not all talk with politicians has to be about elections. In fact, more talks with politicians should be about mistakes since they tend to make many.

Rahul Gandhi traces Congress’s biggest mistake to 1975, we traced the word mistake to 14th century. Mistake, the Word Of The Day, emerged from the word mistaka, which meant ‘to take in error’. Mis + take.

Oxford Dictionary defines mistake as ‘an action or an opinion that is not correct, or that produces a result that you did not want’. So whether you made a mistake or not also depends on the result your action generates.

South African cricketer Dale Steyn has apologised for a mistake he never made. Steyn drew a lot of criticism after he said that global T20 tournaments like Pakistan Super League (PSL) are more rewarding than Indian Premier League (IPL) because of the extra cash involved in the IPL. Since Steyn has himself played in the IPL, he was hauled over the coals for ‘degrading’ IPL. So people who play IPL and people who have never played (nor will play) got upset and Steyn said, “I apologise if this has upset you.”


IPL might start next month. The fourth and the final Test match of the India-England series starts tomorrow. What about today? Today happens to be World Wildlife Day. March 3 has been marked as the day to know the world’s wildlife. You may not even know who your neighbour is and that makes no difference to your life. Knowing about wildlife does because it helps to remember that wildlife is in danger. Climatic changes have led to extinction of many forms of wildlife but then you see climate is always changing. Some won’t survive the cold, some can’t take it too hot. Even if it all stays the way it is and was, all life ends. Right? Wrong.

Heard about the immortal jellyfish? A jellyfish, called Turritopsis dohrnii, knows how to hit the rest button on life. This reset button goes beyond a drastic haircut or solo travel after a break-up. This reset button is more like a born-again experience.

jellyfish_030321045026.jpgTurritopsis dohrnii knows how to hit the rest button on life. (Photo: Reuters)

You see, Turritopsis begins life as a larva exactly like all other jellyfish. The larva is called planula, which develops from a fertilised egg. It’s the planula that swims to the sea floor. On the floor, it grows into a cylindrical colony of polyps. Polyps grow into jellyfish, the size of a pinky nail, in a matter of weeks. If this jellyfish faces physical damage or starvation, it goes back to being a polyp and then develops again. That’s the closest a life form has come to The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008).

You can watch, or rewatch, Benjamin Button some other day, for today, we recommend Jon Favreau’s The Jungle Book (2016). The animated movie will show you jungles also have rules, but a development from Maharashtra’s Jalgaon will tell you there are no rules for the human animal.

Police personnel along with some other men allegedly forced girls to strip and dance at Ashadeep Women's Hostel, a government-run facility in Jalgaon. What’s more? The hostel is run by the Women and Child Welfare Department.

Women chose the hostel to escape predators and then found them in khakhi at the hostel.

We will leave you thinking over that for the day.

See you tomorrow.

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