What Ranveer Singh really needs: Ranveer's shirtless selfie has the internet aflame. But something's missing

Please give him a bowl of Rajma Chawal!

 |  2-minute read |   02-08-2019
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Have you ever seen a politician bragging of his expertise in lying through his/her teeth? No.

Because that’s a trade secret. That’s how they survive in their profession.

Our Bollywood actors, however, often forget that their body — apart from their acting skills — is what they're paid for.

There is actually no need to brag about it.

But Ranveer Singh is, as usual, over the top. When he wears clothes, it’s hard to find the colour that he is not missing. And when he is not wearing clothes, it’s hard to find out how many packs of abs he was aiming at.

The actor recently posted a shirtless photo on Twitter and Instagram.

It's quite difficult to decipher exactly what he wants to say.

We understand that he is on a carb-free diet to have achieved what he's flaunting in this photo.

The internet is swooning as well. 

But you can't judge us for eating carbohydrate-rich food. 

1-inside_080219053444.jpgHe misses a bowl of rice and dal. We are sure. (Photo: Twitter)

We can't afford your lifestyle and starry health regimen, Ranveer! We remember when you told us that you didn't have lavish vacations in your childhood — only a single Europe trip once a year was all you had to make do with. 

The rest of the world is not quite there yet.

In the first place, we don't have your energy. On top of it, if we stop eating carbohydrates, where will we get our energy from?

But if you are looking wistfully at all of us digging into the pleasures called carbohydrates, then we can feel your pain. 

We can feel what you are missing out on — and why there is a strange longing in your eyes.

We pray that soon you get a role where you have to be a fat person.

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