Shahid Afridi breaks hearts as he apologises to Pakistan for WT20 loss

How long before he's forgiven?

 |  1-minute read |   30-03-2016
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Pakistan cricket captain Shahid Afridi played an explosive innings against Bangladesh in the ICC World T20 on March 25. He not only scored a 49-run inning but also picked up two wickets and it seemed that the Green Shirts could actually snatch the "Mauka" this time under Boom Boom's captainship.

Sadly, for Pakistan cricket fans, Australia buried their "Mauka" dream when the Green Shirts lost the match by 21 runs.

Yesterday, Shahid Afridi posted a video on his official Facebook page apologising for Pakistan's abysmal performance in the WT20 tournament.

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He said, "I am here to answer to you. And today I seek your forgiveness because I could not live up to the expectations you had from me and the team."

pak-australia1_033016041000.jpg On March 25 group match, Australia buried Pakistan's "Mauka" dream.  (Reuters)

Afridi went on to say, "I swear I don't care about what's being said or not being said about me. My sole accountability lies with you all."

How long before Pakistan forgives the captain and team after this heart-warming apology?

Shahid Afridi message to his nation after WT20 2016 from Shahid Afridi Official on Vimeo.

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