Will one size fit entire India? Yes, it will

Underneath the US/UK size charts, there has always been one Indian size dominating our clothing choices at various points of our lives.

 |  3-minute read |   09-02-2019
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Does size matter? Yes.

Says who? Union textiles minister Smriti Irani.

Yes, we are talking about the size of clothes. What else?

India does not have a clothing size of its own. We have been wearing clothes of mostly US/UK size charts — though our body type is absolutely different. All these standard measurements of 28-inch waists, 56-inch chests are borrowed from European clothing sizes. The XS and XLs too.

Only 14 countries, including the US and the UK, have their own size chart.

So, it was not a big deal.

As the minister announced this decision, all the concerned industries — textiles, designing, garment exports — were happy.

There are a few ifs and buts though. Otherwise, it will be a good thing, especially for Indian women who have been made to feel shameful about not having a particular body type — for having bigger breasts and not so big buttocks (which also changes region-wise in India).

One size doesn’t fit all.

So, this one Indian size will also not fit all.

Or, will it?

Yes, it will because we, the true Indians, have grown up with an altogether different size chart in mind.

1.). Hand-me-down size

More than half of the Indians are raised with zero fashion choices. You are subjected to wearing the weird-looking old clothes of your older siblings — your gender hardly matters in that process.  

In this situation, it is quite likely that you don’t have any idea of body type and size and will end up wearing whatever comes your way, before you are introduced to the second type of size that will rule a major part of your life.

vicky_020819063351.jpgWe know how one size fits all. (Photo: Still from Stree)

2.). Sanskaari size

The skirt, part of the school uniform, should end exactly where the socks would start.

From there, you graduate to the stage where the top portion of your clothes should not reveal any hint of your cleavage.

It should not sit too tightly to give away the shape of your figure. It should not be flapping around either, which will make you look like a shapeless mass.

3.). Final alteration

In this situation of a dilemma, comes the final jugaad.


Whatever it is, your local tailor will force-fit it on you. 

So yes, we are all for one size.

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