5 reasons urban middle class goes 'Sri Sri' for Ravi Shankar

Here's how Reddittors pledged their devotion to the Art of Living founder.

 |  2-minute read |   11-03-2016
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Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, the spiritual leader and the founder of Art of Living has a massive following.

Just look at the invitee list of World Culture Festival, which is scheduled from March 11-13 on Yamuna floodplains. People from different parts of the world have come to attend the cultural extravaganza.

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But here comes the real question - how come Sri Sri has such massive following?

To understand this, people on Reddit created a thread "Why does Sri Sri have a huge following among educated middle class in India?"

Here are some of the coolest responses by Reddittors:






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As the nation grapples with the rising chasm in society over the JNU row, every patriotic Indian needs to be concerned over the rising love for negative activism in the country. Be it events to stand up for Afzal Guru or Yakub Memon or to lionise Mahishasura or to call for Azadi, misdirected activism is beginning to hurt the very idea of India.

This trend of "blind activism" must ring an alarm bell as we live in an age where any self-affirming agenda can be pushed through to millions with just a hashtag. When such activism gets undue publicity, it tends to gain legitimacy and could hurt the image of India. The latest case in point is the noise over the Art of Living’s plans of hosting an Olympic-like cultural festival in Delhi. In the last couple of days, the media in Delhi have put out one-sided stories suggesting that the event will put Yamuna’s floodplains in danger.

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