DailyOh! On Dil Bechara Day, how PewDiePie, who paid tributes to Sushant Singh Rajput, got his name

It is Dil Bechara Day. Sushant Singh Rajput fans are all set to see him one last time. Internet sensation PewDiePie paid his tributes to the late actor. We tell you the story behind the name PewDiePie.

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The Rajasthan High Court said today what the Supreme Court said yesterday: Maintain status quo till Monday. On Monday, the SC may rule on the disqualification of Sachin Pilot and camp currently camping in Haryana, but there is no date to when Governor Kalraj Mishra would convene the Assembly session. Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has asked Mishra not to succumb to pressure. Who is putting pressure on Mishra to put off the Assembly session? According to Mishra, it’s the coronavirus pandemic.

rajasthan-690_072420051354.jpgGovernor Kalraj Mishra talks to Congress MLAs demanding that the assembly session be convened. (Photo: ANI)

To build pressure on Mishra to hold the session, Gehlot and his MLAs reached Raj Bhawan, where Rajyapal Mishra lives and works.

Mishra may not consider holding an assembly session amid the pandemic ideal but the Ram Temple construction would be flagged off on August 5 in the presence of about 250 people. The message to naysayers: why fear when Lord Ram is here? Naysayers get it, but the virus doesn’t.

The effectiveness of divine intervention in dealing with virus is neither confirmed, not denied simply because there is no tool to confirm or deny. But there is a way to make corona go (according to some). This goes beyond merely telling the virus, “Go corona go” by putting papad to use.

You may have read Wo Mara Papad Wale Ko, so now know from Union Minister Arjun Ram Meghwal how papad can kill corona. Make ‘Bhabhi Ji’ papad your go-to food to drive corona away. How to drive away stupidity? Rs 5,000 reward for whoever finds the answer. Wondering where to collect the reward from? We have no clue.

But we do have a clue about when and where Indian Premier League (IPL) 2020 could be played. IPL governing council chairman Brijesh Patel says it will be held across all three venues in the United Arab Emirates - Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah from September 19 to November 8.

We will head to UAE when the time is right. For now let’s head to Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh. This has nothing to do with Vikas Dubey killed in a police ‘encounter’ but everything to do with the UP Police. A 28-year-old from Uttar Pradesh’s Kanpur was kidnapped on June 22. Abductors demanded a ransom of Rs 30 lakh to free lab technician Sanjeet Yadav. The family informed police and the police asked the family to arrange the ransom because they wanted to catch the abductors when they came to collect the ransom. The abductors came, took the cash and then Yadav’s body was found.

You sure must not trust the UP Police to act smart like make an ‘encounter’ look like a real encounter but can you trust your smartwatch or smart band to tell you if you have Covid-19?

Researchers at Stanford University are trying to find just that. They are trying out ways to turn smart wearables into Covid-symptom detector.

You can go for the smartwatch tomorrow because today you might want to devote time to Sushant Singh Rajput’s Dil Bechara. Since he died on June 14, a lot of people have dedicated time talking about him. They have mostly been people who know of him or about him.

Youtuber Felix Arvid, AKA, PewDiePie, however, didn’t know Sushant but found him to be “an interesting guy” when he learnt about him post his demise. So PewDiePie, the most successful YouTuber, found Sushant interesting, but we found the name PewDiePie interesting.

The channel PewDiePie got its name because Felix forgot the login information to the first channel he created on YouTube. That channel was called PewDie.

Now, Pew represents the sound a laser makes. Die is what happens when you get shot by a laser - so PewDie. But why Pie? Well, Felix thought it sounded funny. Also, remember he forgot the login credentials to PewDie.

But China is not going to forget the hurt it has received after the US shut down the Chinese consulate in Houston. In a tit-for-tat, China has shut down US consulate in Chengdu.

China said that this is not the situation it wanted to see in US-China relations but what can it do when US is doing what it wants to do. The US, on its part, plans to shut more Chinese consulates. A consulate-for-consulate would make the US and China consulate(less).

But what is a consulate anyway? Consulate, our Word Of The Day, originates from the word consul, which in turn originates from the Latin word consulere which means ‘to sit down together with’. You can sit down together with people in coffee shops and cinemas halls – not for now though- but consulere referred to the joint nature of an office.

Under the Roman Empire, a consul held the highest elected political office. So much so that ancient Romans considered consulship the highest level of the cursus honorum. What is cursus honorum? An ascending sequence of public offices to which politicians aspired.

Consulate, according to Oxford dictionary, is the building where the consul works. This only applies to consuls working in a building other than their own.

The next obvious question is how a consulate is different from embassy when both are abroad. An embassy is a diplomatic mission generally located in the capital city of another country. A consulate is a diplomatic mission located in a major city, usually other than the capital city, which provides a full range of consular services.

You may wonder what difference does it make where what is. To Kangana Ranaut it does. The actor has told Mumbai Police she can’t travel to Mumbai, where the pandemic is, from Manali, where she currently is.

The pandemic is everywhere and that is why it is the pandemic, but Kangana feels safer at home and not Mumbai. The Mumbai Police want to question her in connection with Sushant’s death case.

If you do not get time for Dil Bechara today, watch it over the weekend. Still need motivation?

But there is more you can do tomorrow like meet Bollywood stars and Internet sensations. When, where and how?

Read this to know. But bye for now.

See you on Monday.

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