An Indian Twitter handle is asking people to solve riddles and the answers are brilliant

Snide social media gobbled up @CATExam2016's 'questions' and spit out a machine that farts snarks.

 |  1-minute read |   05-08-2016
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Indian Twitter is a place for news, snark (portmanteau of "snide" and "remark") and rightwing trolls. Sometimes a piece of news unites it, but mostly it's making fun of something/someone at a specific moment of acute embarrassment.

Very rarely does Indian Twitter unite in playing games, not the virtual parlour games of the gossip-mongering type, which it plays aplenty, at all times. However, for about a week, an account which goes by the handle of @CATExam2016 has been dropping riddles to devastating effect.

Poor handler of the account thought of (probably) playing a guessing game, but Indian Twitter's snarkiness gobbled that up and spit out a machine that farts snarks.

Oh, and it smells heavenly.

Trust us. 

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Case in point:

Riddle: "You wait for it. It appears cracks, stays for a moment, and then disappears before your eyes."

Reply: "Modi in India"

Dang, that's funny, and they just kept getting better. 

Indian Twitter is pure irreverence when not preaching sanskaar or trending hashtags like #10WeeksToShivaay and #SultanBirthdayMonth.

Riddle us, really.

We cherrypick the best of the snark for you.


















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