When Vijay Mallya got arrested and gave everyone on Twitter a good time

But all excitement fizzled out as soon as there was a tweet from the 'man of the moment' himself.

 |  4-minute read |   18-04-2017
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Vijay Mallya was arrested and no one could believe their ears.

To confirm the veracity of the news, everyone turned to their go-to news agency — Twitter. And indeed it turned out that loan defaulter Mallya was arrested on Tuesday by the Scotland Yard on an extradition warrant by India. He, however, was later granted a bail. 

His fall from grace has been spectacular. From a billionaire liquor baron to two-time Rajya Sabha MP to a fugitive living in London, life may have finally come full circle for UB Group chairman. With his arrest by Scotland Yard in London, Indian government’s efforts to extradite the "King of Good Times" seems to have finally borne fruit.

When British PM Theresa May, chose India as her first destination for an overseas trip after taking charge of office, there were some murmurs that the Indian government had forcefully insisted on the extradition of the fugitive businessman. Mallya, who fled to UK nearly a year ago, is wanted for non-repayment of loans and advances to the tune of nearly Rs 9,000 crore to various Indian banks and institutions.

In the past, he had made offers to settle the dispute with the banks, provided they take a substantial haircut. The banks had rejected that.

Once Mallya is extradited to India, he is likely to be arrested and would face a slew of charges. In January of this year, the CBI had issued a non-bailable warrant on Mallya. He still owns a substantial chunk of United Breweries, his beer company. 

What followed on Twitter was a huge sigh of relief and some light-hearted banter. Here's how the micro-blogging site received the news.

Smart punchlines and witty remarks started to appear.

And some more jubiliation.

Some even wanted to take credit for the "big catch".

Others simply grinned and beer-ed.

Some were alert enough to remind the "most-vulnerables".

Of course, the IPL fever was running high.

But all excitement fizzled out as soon as the 'man of the moment' tweeted himself. What!

 But some still tried to make the most of the moment.

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