I went viral for singing while cycling across the Brooklyn Bridge

Pretty insane to turn on your computer and discover 350,000 people have been watching a video of you that you never knew was recorded.

 |  1-minute read |   20-03-2017
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I ride my bike everyday in NYC. I love it with one major exception: the Brooklyn Bridge. The prettiest bit of construction in New York is usually a Hobbesian nightmare as pedestrians and cyclists try to share a path built in the 19th century. The bike lane isn't well marked, and it's usually full of tourists looking at their phones to take a good photo. I have long tried to shout at people to get out of the way but they rarely hear you above all the noise.

That is until I discovered, however, the key to unlocking the madness.

I was in particularly good mood this New Year's Eve, having seen a great concert the night before, and instead of shouting like usual, I was so happy I just felt like singing. It was amazing; instead of tourists giving you stares of death, they broke into smiles of warmth. And more importantly, they moved out of the way.

I didn't realise I was being filmed, and I didn't know this was on the internet, until I looked at Reddit one day and discovered I was on the front page. I guess the lesson is that both bicycles and the internet are amazing things.

redditbd_032017123237.jpg Both bicycles and the internet are amazing things. (Photo: Screengrab/Reddit)

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