Why Pakistan has to be satisfied with Salman Khan's doppelgangers only!

There's no way they can get hold of the original one. Neither in real life, nor on screens! Hence, life must be spent with Bhai ka fakes!

 |  3-minute read |   21-01-2019
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It has become an urban legend that Salman Khan loves lookalikes. (That’s how Sneha Ullal could even have something which looked like a career in Bollywood).

Interestingly, there’s a huge market of Salman Khan lookalikes.

And that’s in Pakistan.

Every time they spot someone bearing a considerable resemblance to the Bollywood actor, they jump in joy.

The latest is a video of someone in Karachi who is attempting to either make space at a parking zone or maybe stealing petrol (who knows?).

He doesn’t have Salman’s ab packs. But yes, we agree that he looks like Salman Khan — from a distance.

collage-salman-insid_012119035242.jpgOh, please! We are not confused. Not at all. (Photo: Twitter/India Today)

Now, a few years ago, Husnain Saleem, a Pakistani, rose to fame as he looked like Salman Khan. He reproduced Salman Khan’s iconic Bajrangi Bhaijaan poster and created quite a stir. Even his Facebook page is known as ‘Pakistani Sulman Khan’.

salman-lookalike_012119035355.jpgWe are happy that Pakistan has something. They must be happy too, because there is no other way they can have anything. (Photo of Husnain: Facebook)

We believe our stars come with certain hairstyles and mannerisms which are easy to copy. But this Husnain was no ordinary fan, copying Bhai's hair and all his other styles.

He actually wanted to go to jail, instead of the real Salman Khan, in the Mumbai hit-and-run case. (Well, Husnain, the truth is, bhais are too big to be imprisoned!)

So, what makes Salman Khan so loved in Pakistan? Apart from his Bajrangi Bhaijaan?

Well, Pakistan-related controversies never leave him alone.

Following the Uri attack in 2016, when Pakistani artistes, like Fawad Khan, were barred from performing in India, Salman Khan was one of those who protested the decision staunchly.

At a time when Uri has just released, we may recall what the actor had said:

They are artistes, not terrorists. It’s the government who gives them permits and visas.

In November last year, a case was filed against Salman Khan for hoisting Pakistan’s flag.

What? Why would he do that?

Well, it was for a scene in his upcoming movie Bharat. But, according to reports, local organisations where the scene was being shot (in Punjab) were angry. They filed a complaint against him and also gheraoed the hotel where he was staying.

All these reasons must have made Salman Khan, our original one, a lovable character in Pakistan.

But going by Pakistan’s entertainment scenario, it’s quite unlikely that they would get to see Bhai movies in future — in the theatres or on television.

Even if they can, those will be pirated CDs, we are quite sure.

This was a tit-for-tat decision when Pakistan too decided to impose a ban on Indian films. Salman Khan has an Eid slot always ready for his releases. It was reported that if these Eid movies release in Pakistan at the same time, their local productions would get hit. And then, there are always the whims of the Pakistan censor board, which can decide against releasing an Indian movie in Pakistan, well, just when it feels like it.

So, yes, the situation in Pakistan for Salman fans is quite bleak.

What adds to this is the name of Salman Khan’s next movie — Bharat.

Why on earth Pakistan will allow this movie to release there?

So, be happy with Salman Khan-lookalikes, for the time being! Happy viewing, Pakistan!

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