Why, unlike Christian Michel, we want Dubai to keep Mika Singh. Please

Mika is a repeat offender, like many others carefully sheltered in Bollywood. Can you not keep him, Dubai? Pretty please!

 |  3-minute read |   07-12-2018
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After Dubai extradited Christian Michel, wanted in India in connection with the AgustaWestland chopper scam, here was a 'request' from India to the Dubai authorities, which the authorities, however, could not keep (for their own good), it seems.

Keep Mika Singh in your custody as long as you wish.

mika-singh_120718025653.jpgWe hope he gets lots of time to take selfies — safely in Dubai. (Photo: India Today)

As the singer was arrested over allegations of sexually harassing a 17-year-old Brazilian girl by sending her inappropriate pictures, routine diplomatic processes started taking place, hinting that, like every time before, this time too, the singer could get away with impunity.

This is not what we want.

Mika Singh is a serial offender and is incorrigible. He doesn’t know how to conduct himself, not only with women, but also in a civil society. We can’t stop Bollywood from employing him as his peppy numbers translate into big bucks for the industry, and Bollywood is a big fat club of such 'bad boys'. We can’t even stop him from performing at various events as wedding season is upon us. Even his remix number for the upcoming Simmba has already become a hit.

So, this was the only way to get rid of him (like some of his relatives apparently got rid of people at foreign locations).

Forget the obnoxiousness of sending an inappropriate message to anyone — this Mika Singh cracked a joke over Diana Penty’s surname as he said, “She is Diana Panty, I am Mika Kachcha.” This was in 2016.

We have become much more woke over the period of two years. But this never struck us as a joke — neither in 2016, nor in 2018.

It only showed how low a person can stoop, even after being embroiled in so many controversies — one after another.

mika_120718025347.jpgThis person would grow up to support Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh. We could have seen this. (Photo: India Today)

Mika’s earliest (in public) offence was the kissing controversy with Rakhi Sawant, which brought both of them much “undue fame”. It was his birthday bash in 2006, where he was alleged to have forcefully planted a kiss on Rakhi Sawant. A case of molestation was filed against Mika at that time.

But, as we said, he is a repeat offender. And the trouble over one kiss hasn’t deterred him from indulging in more out-of-line behaviour. He posted a photo with Bipasha Basu with a lipstick mark on his cheeks, and claimed that the mark had originated from Bipasha. It was a lie; he came clean about it later.

In 2015, Mika slapped a doctor who was present at a concert organised by the Delhi Opthalmoligical Society. The victim went on the stage and apparently annoyed Mika as he was performing. And he was 'taught a lesson'. Reportedly, the slap caused an internal injury inside his left ear. A case was registered — but who can chain Mika Singh!

A Mumbai fashion designer too brought molestation charges against him once. 

If his conduct is questionable, his alliances and allegiances too are strange. Otherwise, who has heartfelt wishes for Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh? Meanwhile, Mika was also named in a hit-and-run case in 2011

Well, Mika doesn’t think twice about tweeting out good wishes to questionable figures. And we clearly don’t know how to deal with him in India, other than shaking a leg to his peppy numbers.  

Hence, dear Dubai, can you please keep him there? Pretty please?

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