Invested in Zomato? You can relate to these memes after Q2 losses

Just after the announcement of widened consolidated losses by Zomato, Twitter reacted with memes to describe the feelings of every investor.

 |  2-minute read |   11-11-2021
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Online food delivery platform Zomato's losses widened Rs 434.9 crore for the quarter ending September 30, 2021. The company declared a loss of Rs 356 crore in the previous quarter. Zomato also mentioned that the losses went up due to investments in the growth of its food delivery business. As Zomato dropped this news, memers had a busy day.

Here’s a collection of the best ones from Twitter.

1. Someone captured exactly what investors are going through

2. Can you leave Munna Bhaiya out of a list of memes?

3. Just like Uday Shetty in Welcome, every investor might be thinking, "Kya karu mai iska?"

4. Zomato might be as dissapointed as Raju (brb, crying in the corner)

5. Frustrated investors be like...

6. And somebody had an excellent idea for Zomato here

7. And finally, what folks at Zomato must be going through right now


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