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Assembly polls 2017, Gujarat, Seaplane, PM Modi

Modi is wrong. Seaplanes aren't for 125 crore Indians

The prime minister took a seaplane ride after being denied permission for a roadshow in Ahmedabad.

Congress, BJP, Himachal Pradesh, Gujarat

Why exit polls are predicting a win for BJP in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh

The final results of the Assembly polls are scheduled to be declared by the EC on December 18.

Narendra Modi, Pakistan terror, Manmohan Singh, 26/11 Mumbai attack

Is PM Modi wrong to allege that Manmohan Singh did not punish Pakistan for 26/11 attacks?

The then government felt the benefits of not attacking Pakistan outweighed those of attacking it.

Dynasty politics, Congress president, Indian National Congress, Rahul Gandhi

Will Rahul Gandhi answer me? Shehzad Poonawalla asks hard-hitting questions

It's sad the Congress chooses to masquerade the coronation as election for party president.

Terrorism, Lashkar-e-Taiba, Pakistan, Pervez Musharraf

Why Pervez Musharraf confessing his open support for Lashkar-e-Taiba is troubling

What does it say about Pakistan if the former president thinks cosying up to a terrorist organisation will get him back in power?

Navy, Submarine, Argentina, ARA San Juan

Why India should be concerned with Argentine submarine's disappearance

We are one of the largest navies operating 15 submarines – most of which are nearing or past their shelf life.

Judiciary, Supreme Court, Love Jihad, Hadiya Case

Justice for Hadiya: 3 troubling questions before Supreme Court

Where does the court draw a line that it will not infringe on the liberty of a citizen, especially an Indian woman?

ISI, Democracy, Islamabad, Pakistan

How Pakistan military compromised democracy by cutting a deal with fundamentalists

Islamists had held the country to hostage after news emerged of proposed changes to the oath taken by lawmakers.

British empire, Dictatorship, Zimbabwe, British empire

Robert Mugabe: Was he a hero or a villain?

While the former president may have ended white rule in Zimbabwe, his dictatorship has seen many incidents of violence.