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Happy Birthday Mayawati! The biggest controversies that hit BSP supremo's birthday bashes

Mayawati is known to take her birthday celebrations rather seriously, but equally serious are the controversies surrounding her birthdays. Here’s a lowdown on the controversies surrounding Mawayati’s big birthday parties.

National waterway: Graveyard of the Gangetic Dolphin?

The National Aquatic Animal edges closer to extinction with the new 'pride of the nation'.

Why the proposed new 'Gay Swayamvar' reality show is a terrible idea

Do you really want to find a partner? Or, do you just want to capitalise on the present mood, to ride on the TRP charts?

Why fire at Malviya Nagar rubber factory raises serious concerns

The incident took place in the evening in Khirki Extension when a truck parked near a rubber godown caught fire.

Nipah threat: Why we should be worried

Over the past two weeks, over a dozen lives have been lost to the virus outbreak.

Why I wasn't impressed with Sonam Kapoor's wedding outfit

It did not align with what the edgy fashionista usually goes for.

What's the big brouhaha behind Sonam Kapoor-Anand Ahuja wedding

Some of the biggest names in Bollywood have already made an appearance.